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Head of Product Business Division, Business Promotion Department, Business Promotion Head Division, Softbank Robotics Corp. The ability to pen down these principles into words has been one of the biggest output of this project. We were able to grasp the idea vaguely somehow, and I felt that half of the project was already completed, but if the project were not expressed in words, it would not only be difficult to explain to our company stakeholders but it would also be hard to advance the project when we expand it globally as a business. For example, when considering web design, we would easily be affected by our preferences, moods, and the trends. We must firmly determine footholds, share it with the organization or the team and gain their confidence, and it is after that that we should move forward with actual projects. I think we were able to establish a bridgehead in order to achieve this process through this project.

SoftBank Robotics Corp.

Product Promotion Projects Manager, Business Promotion Department, Business Promotion Head Division

Mr.Shoji Nawata


Since this would involve a staff of about 5000 people, we created a manual so that the staff could also enjoy the project. We brainstormed together about everything, including the flow, devising various strategies and incorporating them, which I think led to our success.

Isetan Mitsukoshi Ltd.

Manager in charge of Redevelopment at the Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi Main Store

Mr. Masahiro Kato


Partnership With Customer

Mitsui Fudosan Co.,


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    KOIL Kashiwa-no-ha Open Innovation Lab Project The Second Part

    People receive service first and foremost right after entering a space. I think that the way Loftwork focused on this point and started a concept from service and not from building or facilities illustrates that the company introduced a new style of the future space design ahead of others. In this project, I had a chance to experience a new way of thinking where service is situated in the upstream and from which things are produced, instead of the existing process in which a space design is defined first, translated into form by a designer, and to which service is added afterwards.

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