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Production of an overseas Fab Space through the use of FabCafe's global network and knowledge!

On October 27th, 2016, Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings opened "ISETAN The Japan Store Kuala Lumpur" in the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, to transmit the value of Japan. This new store provides a wide range of "Made in Japan," from clothing and food to experience style contents for Japanese culture. Fab Space was also opened within this new store complete with laser cutters and 3D printers, as well as fully-automatic embroidery machines and latex printers. This space, showcasing a variety of prototyping capabilities, is the first of its kind in Malaysia.

FabCafe, the digital crafts cafe financed and operated by Loftwork Inc., performed the total production of this new space from the very beginning by providing concept design, layout, content design and creation, as well as the selection of digital fabrication equipment. We also performed recruiting through use of our global network, established the business unit, and trained the local staff. We provided total support for both the tangible and intangible sides of this experimental "Experience Floor" in Mitsukoshi Isetan.

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  • Areas of Support
    ・ Production of Fab Space within ISETAN The Japan Store.
    ・Support for selection and implementation of digital fabrication equipment.
    ・Content design in preparation for launch.
    ・Recruitment and business unit establishment through FabCafe's global network.
    ・Training and team building for local staff.
    Related Services
    Spatial Design
    Idea Production Space
    ・ Client: Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings
    ・Producer:Toshimasa Kawai (FabCafe LLP COO), Tim Wong(FabCafe Taipei / Loftwork Taiwan co-founder)
    ・Creative Director:Daiki Kanaoka(FabCafe Tokyo Fab Master)、 Yipin Huang(loftwork Taiwan Fab Master)


Production of Fab Space Within ISETAN The Japan Store

Fab Space resides within the area of ISETAN The Japan Store known as CUBE 3. FabCafe performed a total production of this Fab Space from spatial design to content installation. We worked on the layout design of the outer walls and interior, installation of digital fabrication equipment and provision of raw materials for use in crafts, as well as the selection of contents in preparation for the space's opening.

Support for Selection and Installation of Digital Fabrication Equipment

We installed several different digital fabrication devices to create a space in which everyone could enjoy a variety of crafts and prototyping.

Laser Cutter

UV Printer

3D Printer

Fully-Automatic Embroidery Machine

Latex Printer

Content Design for Launch

We also provided support for content design and creation in preparation for launch. We were able to realize a total production including the products to be displayed within the store as well as craft workshops based on the knowledge gained from FabCafe locations all over the world.

Recruiting, Business Unit Establishment and Training/Team Building For Local Staff Through FabCafe's Global Network

Daiki Kanaoka, Fab Master at FabCafe Tokyo, went to Kuala Lumpur to oversee the support of team building and technical training. While of course providing technical training for the use of digital fabrication equipment and the like, he also helped to impart the necessary knowledge, skills and mindset required for event operations and community building gained from FabCafe's wealth of experience. Through this training, we provided support for the space's smooth operation and sustainable community building.