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Bringing you Loftwork Inc.'s today――
" the LETTER from LOFTWORK " is ready!

Hello. I'm Ishigami from Loftwork Inc. This is a bit abrupt, but do you like to travel?

I like to travel, and what I like just as much is the letters I get from other people's journeys. The unfamiliar stamps, the scenery of a foreign land, the worn-out corner of a postcard, a friend's handwriting I haven't seen in a while. We live in a time when we can connect with each other wherever, whenever - that's exactly why I'm drawn to that feeling.

Because we're still on a journey

In 2000, a company called Loftwork Inc. was born from the desire to connect creators and clients around the globe and spread creativity across the world. But in recent years, our scope of activity has been steadily widening.

Of course, we've been expanding to various areas inside and outside the country. But when you hear from our members about their projects, it feels like you've travelled to a different world - from excavating hundreds of years' worth of history to picturing the future; from facing global-scale issues to examining microbes under a microscope……

To be frank, sometimes when I'm asked "What does this company do?", I have trouble answering. But to us, that scope and diversity is pleasant. Rather than forcing everything into a box and saying "this is it!", we want to take a snapshot of the ever-changing present and bring it to you fresh.

It's with that desire that we created a letter to bring the latest from Loftwork Inc. to you. It's entitled "LETTER from LOFTWORK - a letter from our travels".

We compared our projects to journeys

This letter starts with the call: "Hey, how was your journey?"

When you open the A2 paper folded into quarters, you'll see about 30 projects we've chosen from everything we've worked on the past year. Inside, the Loftworkers explain the projects they head as "journeys" in their own words. Each of the taglines is full of love and exudes a unique personality. We can't help but boast - isn't it something you'll read over and over? Like this.

There are more ways to see the world than seeing, hearing and walking
In 2016, we started to tackle "HAPTIC DESIGN". This excellent copy conveys the new territory of "touch design", a way of rediscovering the world.

It's just like Momotetsu.
Our "MORE THAN PROJECT" supports Japanese brands aiming to spread across the world. We travelled on foot across the country and met all kinds of people as our project unfolded - this mischievous copy turns it into a certain dice game.

Dig a moat for an Osaka castle
We helped produce a new space for joint development inside a Panasonic research location - where innovators inside the company meet all kinds of people, including partners from outside the company, and create new value together. Why is it an Osaka castle? Think about it!

Step out into 360° pitch-darkness
A design research project we carried out in three cities in Japan and China (the public report is here →" Basic Investigative Report Regarding the Aging Population".) The super-aged society Japan is rapidly becoming is an unprecedented experience for humanity. In order to explore an unknown world, we listened to 170 elderly people.

Many travellers turned up at our new "house" in Kyoto
As Loftwork Inc.'s Tokyo location "MTRL KYOTO" turns a year old, and "FabCafe Hida" has been born in Hida. FabCafe has been opening more and more locations in Asia and Europe, and in 2017 it seems like it will make more and more friends in the US, China and Mexico too.

We took a look at the atoms that make up Loftwork Inc., and it was a vast universe
We started the employee blog "ATOMS" last year. From the members' thoughts about their projects to private snippets and hidden special skills - a microcosm known as Loftwork Inc. is packed inside.

Where is Loftwork Inc.'s future?

Since we're still on our way, we'd also like to show you where we'll be heading to from now on. So we've included extracts from an end-2016 dialogue with Mr Hiroaki Kitano (President and CEO of Sony CSL), Mr Jōichi "Joi" Itō (head of the MIT Media Laboratory) and our representatives Mr Suwa and Ms Hayashi.

Joi's words that "Loftwork Inc. is more of a movement than an organisation" struck home. How will we measure our worth as a business from now on? What are the things no AI can do and only humans can? The full transcript of the enlightening conversation is available here.

"Loftwork is a movement. What kind of future does a business in the process of metamorphosis face?"

A three-legged race with the designer

This time, we entrusted the design to Mr Yuta Tsuchiya from Housaku Inc. - not just the graphics, but everything from the website and the packaging of special local products to the branding of residential and commercial complexes, including the Hoshinotani Danchi apartment building that received the Good Design Gold Award in 2016. He's extensively active in design and art direction.

We worked with Mr Tsuchiya from the planning stage and had discussion after discussion. The printing company WellRound Creatives. Inc also stuck unwaveringly with us until the end on paper and colour choice. Thanks to them we came to a unanimous agreement!

"LETTER from LOFTWORK" is available at our locations in Shibuya, Kyoto and elsewhere. If you would like to read it, please contact our PR . Quantity is limited, so if it unfortunately goes out of stock, we're sorry!

Loftwork Inc. has turned 17!

So on 17 February 2017, Loftwork Inc. celebrated its 17th anniversary. Lucky 17! To celebrate, our staff ordered a cake with the LETTER from LOFTWORK cover design. Apparently this was all hand-drawn. Amazing!

To borrow a quote from the aforementioned dialogue : in its 17th year, Loftwork Inc. wants to "tackle the things with more impact more effectively, more passionately, and with better friends".

If you think you would like to journey together with us, please do let us know.
And now, as we continue on our journey, we look forward to your continued support.

"LETTER from LOFTWORK - a letter from our travels"
Publication: 1 February 2017
Editing and direction: Natsuki Ishigami, Chikako Kijima, Satomi Haraguchi
Design: Yuta Tsuchiya(Housaku Inc.
Writer (dialogue): Mirei Takahashi
Printing: WellRound Creatives Inc.


Natsuki Ishigami

PlaywrightNatsuki Ishigami

Since 1999, she has been active as a playwright, mainly in the Pepin Structural Designs troupe. In recent years, she has been based in Yokohama but has stayed in various areas around the country and overseas, handling plays and art projects dealing with cities and communities. She takes part in many projects related to space and cities, such as research and plans regarding housing and town planning; managing an art NPO known as "Place and Story" co-founded with Ms Chiaki Hayashi and others; and using idle real estate to start creative bases as well as handling their programme direction. She has been a member of Loftwork since 2016, and is good at using the simple tool known as "language" to create places through stories, as well as to draw stories out of places.