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What is FabCafe?

The word “Fab” contains two meanings: FABrication, which is not limited to the logic underpinning mass production and markets, and FABulous. FabCafe is a place to convey and propagate the spirit of “Fab” in lovely, fun, easy to understand way.

In the Cafe space, where people will gather, meet each other, and make connections, we will arrange digital fabrication machines such as laser cutters and 3D printers. It functions not only as a cafe, but as a cooperative working space, and a creative space in which people can freely enjoy making things, whose value continually increases. Based on creations by Loftwork and Creative Director Toshiya Fukuda, FabCafe opened in Dogenzaka, Shibuya in March 2012 as a hub for creative collaboration which would give birth to a future of new craftsmanship.

FabCafe continues to expand its creative network, with eight locations in six countries, including locations in Tokyo and Hida in Japan; Taipei, Taiwan; Bangkok, Thailand; Singapore; Barcelona, Spain; and Tours and Strasbourg in France.

Savor our delicious coffee

Personally experience digital fabrication

Participate in events and workshops

We at FabCafe are confident that our fastidiousness about our coffee is second to no other coffee shop. Among our single-origin espresso drinks, which use carefully-selected roaster beans, the marshmallow latte has been on the FabCafe menu sign since we opened. Our food menu includes seasonal handmade sweets from our special pastry shop and salads full of strongly-flavored seasonal vegetables, and we offer a full alcohol menu, including craft beers.
FabCafe Menu

Everyone can use laser cutters, cutting machines, 3D printers, UV printers, and more to quickly bring form to their ideas. “I want to use FAB, but where do I start?” “Anyway, I want to try the 3D printers and laser cutters!” At FabCafe, we have prepared a kit menu so that even people starting from this point can have fun.
Summary of Fab machines and reservations

At FabCafe, we hold more than 200 events and workshops per year. We hold courses where people can learn how to use 3D printers and laser cutters, monthly networking & presentation events on the theme of “making,” coffee workshops, creator talks, and more events in which anyone, even children, can personally experience making new things.
Event Summary

Why not come to FabCafe Tokyo?

1-22-7 Dogenzaka, Shibuya, TokyoView on Google Maps
Monday-Saturday 10:00-22:00; 10:00-20:00 on holidays

FabCafe-related inquiries/discussion:

3 Components and Characteristics of FabCafe

FabCafe comprises three primary components. One is the cafe, a place for cultivating a community. Another is creating new trends in crafting through technologies such as digital fabrication. Finally, there is the creativity of Loftwork and FabCafe. Through open collaboration with these three components, Loftwork and FabCafe are taking on the challenge of innovating new forms of craftsmanship.

Breeding microcommunities

Expanding the creator network

Global expansion

“What do you Fab?” is our most important watchword. FabCafe is not only a place where ordinary people can grow familiar with crafting; it is also taking on the burden of acting on a platform for providing suggestions for the future of craftsmanship. We holdthe YouFab Global CreativeAwards」every year, which always bring out great works and creators in the field of digital fabrication.

Various “microcommunities” of 50-200 people exist at FabCafe. Each year, we hold 200 workshops and events, in which creators from diverse fields gather. Our numerous microcommunities, managed by independent participants, include the Fab Mini-Four Wheel Drive Cup, racing miniature four-wheel vehicles customized using digital fabrication tools; “Beat Up!”, in which participants discuss the newest 3D printers; and THEOYATSU, tackling food and creation with up-and-coming chefs.

FabCafe, which began in 2012 in Shibuya, Tokyo, has spread across the world, to locations including Hida, Taipei, Barcelona, Bangkok, Toulouse, Singapore, and Mexico, operating as a network of independent locations sharing a mission and a concept. By having each location share its expertise and contribute ideas, we are making the whole of our global network into a FabCafe platform.

Collaborations with FabCafe

FabCafe offers services not only to individual guests, but to businesses, schools, and governments. FabCafe and Loftwork have achieved various results together, including community formation through product development in cooperation with the FabCafe community, which uses open collaboration techniques, as well as promotional campaigns and approaches to the global creative community.

New business development/community development

Using our technology and products, we want to expand the various possibilities which are only found at our company…Why not take up the challenge of developing products together with the FabCafe and Loftwork communities?

For example, with “foop,” an IoT hydroponics cultivation-capable device developed by Delta Electronics, we implemented the Ideathon, in cooperation with women who have high awareness of the creative and IT fields, and investigated what virtues were created from IoT-ification and the machine’s hydroponics capability. Based on these ideas, FabCafe’s producers supported the coordination and commodification of professional product designer and UX designers. We created promotional websites, which became extremely popular products immediately after advance sales began.
Along with Brother Industries, we developed services to go along with our tape creators, starting from the pre-sales prototype stage. These were developed not to be used not only by businesses, but consumers as well. At the time the products went on sale, we held promotions in cooperation with Happy Printers, Makers’ Base, the Ikejiri Institute of Design, and others. These reached not just creatives but a broad base of people, including children.

BrotherーTape Creator

Creating a space for crafting

Using the knowhow which created FabCafe locations worldwide, it is possible to create domestic and international cafes containing both crafting spaces which give birth to communities and spaces which give birth to innovation.
There are extensive possibilities for interaction, from choosing a space to interior design, equipment selection, and service development.

Program design for educational institutions/schools

In the Autodesk Fusion360 Catalyst Program, we trained eight students from Keio University, Chiba University, Kogakuin University, and Nippon University as ambassadors. Based on the support of FabCafe, over the course of about three months, the students independently planned, implemented, and reported on seven promotional events. With Slush Asia, we, along with volunteer student staff, sponsored Junction Asia, which gathered over 300 participants from across the world. We supported innovative craftsmanship over the course of two days.

Collaboration x Creators

Creators gathered at FabCafe may collaborate with, an Internet portal bringing together a further 25,000 people.
For example, in “Make it Yourself,” a collaborative project between FabCafe, creators, and businesses, 5 creators, over the course of half a year, used a Brother-brand embroidery machine to produce works cramming in many different ideas. Along with Roland DG, we held a contest to design leather sandals using UV printers.

Roland DG


Shop Promotion

We have prepared promotion plans using FabCafe shop locations. At FabCafe, there are a large number of people, primarily creative workers in their 20s-40s, who are well-attuned to new technology. For this reason, we implemented a campaign allowing creators to personally experience Microsoft’s high-end Surface Book PCs. We established booths at our shops where people could experience the Surface Book, and we developed a creative work personal experience menu. We produced everything from in-store decorations to creator interviews, created booklets and panels, and implemented shop-front informational questionnaires; as a result, we were able to develop effective promotions which reached many people.

Additionally, we have achieved promotional results through anime, manga, and films, including Space Brothers and GANTZ:O. Approaches are even available to us without FabCafe, such as broadcasting clips on large monitors in our shops and produced original goods on-location using Fab machines. Additionally, we have achieved numerous results with Brother, Roland, NEC Lenovo, Nissan, and NTT.

Global Creative Awards

We want to reach the global network of creators. We can implement a global FabCafe network, which has extended to six countries.
At the You Fab Creative Awards, a global creative award ceremony which FabCafe sponsors each year, works from 30 countries across the world are brought together. In 2016, the Yamaha Award, a special prize from the Yamaha Corporation, was established, and events were held at FabCafe locations worldwide, including Taipei, Bangkok, Barcelona, Toulouse. This offered an opportunity to directly reach each nation’s local creative community.

FabCafe-related inquiries/discussion:

Seats: 65
Shop Visitors:130 average (per day); 230,750 total (over approximately 5 years)
Customer groups: Men and women, primarily in their 20s and 30s but as old as 50s, connected to creative and IT fields; on weekends, proportion of women and parents with children (10s-30s) increases
Number of ideas implemented: 12,677 (Fab points over approximately five years)
Number of events implemented: 647 (Events over approximately five years)
Media appearances: 15,00 (Number of media articles including information about FabCafe)
Facebook likes: Approximately 15,000
Twitter followers: Approximately 6,700

Summary of media appearance results (partial)

NHK Early Morning, TBS King’s Brunch, TBS Hanamaru Market, Fuji TV Alarm Clock TV, TBS N Star, TV Tokyo World Business Satellite, NHK Good Morning Japan, Nippon TV Zoom In Saturday, NHK Radio, Nippon Broadcasting System, JWave, and many others

Nikkei, Asahi, Yomiuri, Tokyo, Sankei, Aera, MyNavi, Yahoo, Nikkei Business, GIZMODO, Pen, MdN, JJ, Soen, FUDGE, and many others

National Geographic、BBC、The Guardian、Newsweek、FOCUS, etc.

Summary of media publication results