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Firing up again this year! The YouFab Global Creative Awards 2016

  • 01.07.2016

The YouFab Global Creative Awards 2016

Entries for the YouFab Global Creative Awards open on August 1st.

This year’s fifth edition YouFab Global Creative Awards (YouFab) will be held by FabCafe Global (Tokyo, Taipei, Barcelona, ​​Bangkok, and Toulouse). Entries will open on August 1st.

YouFab2016 Website


Calling for new creatives that transcend the divide between physical and digital.

The awards, which are being held for the 5th consecutive year this year, recognize and celebrate creative works and inventions that stem from a powerful collaboration between digital and physical fabrication. This is based on the concept that Fab = creativity that transcends and combines the digital and physical realms.

Featuring the special Yamaha Award

YouFab2016 is organized into two divisions: student and general. In addition to receiving entries for these two divisions, the award also includes the Yamaha Award, a special award being presented by Yamaha Corporation. The theme of the Yamaha Award is “The switch to emotions.” Entrants with works fitting this theme can apply for the special award concurrently with their entry into the student or general division. Further details about the Yamaha Award, the judges, entry instructions, and so on are due to be announced on August 1st.Please register your email address on the YouFab2016 website to receive the latest information about YouFab2016.

Click here to view the Yamaha Corporation press release.

Past YouFab Awards

YouFab2015 received entries between July 1st and September 30th, 2015, with a total of 152 works received from 26 countries.

Click here to view the YouFab Global Creative Awards 2015 announcement of results

Last year's Grand Prix winner "Kinematics Dress"

First Prize winner "Making Gestures: A personal Design and Fabrication system"

Seeking sponsors and media sponsors

YouFab aims to activate and increase the value of the field of digital fabrication. Looking ahead to society 10 years from now, the award seeks to activate the digital manufacturing industry and is looking for cooperative partners who, together with FabCafe, will support creators and organizations active in the digital manufacturing field.

Sponsors: Sponsors logos will appear on the Web and sponsors will also be featured on fliers handed out at university briefings and events, and in the award ceremony talk.
Media sponsors: We are looking for media to cover this award at the kick-off events to be held at all FabCafes and at the award ceremony.

Interested parties, please kindly contact us at

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