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  • 06.09.2016

A New Entrance for FabCafe

FabCafe Tokyo received a brand new entrance at the end of August.

Digital fabrication techniques were used in the planning, and a design of complex and precise angles and widths was settled upon. Combined with the use of wood from Hida intricately interlocked through the application of traditional joinery techniques, this design for the new facade unites digital fabrication and traditional techniques.

The architect behind the design was Yusuke Oono (DOMINO ARCHITECTS).
The design, employing unique angles so that it appears like 2D graphic design when looked at straight on, and 3D computer graphics when looked at from an angle, gives the viewer a strange impression.
This elaborate design was realised through a collaboration between FabCafe and HIDAKUMA (Hida no Mori de Kuma wa Odoru Co., Ltd.).
Constuction was carried out by Hida Sangyo Co., Ltd., who used the traditional joinery techniques of Hida to realise the design's simple-looking yet deceptively complex angles with a high level of accuracy.
The combination of digital fabrication and traditional techniques gives rise to a new aesthetic expression.

You can look forward to the new expressions that FabCafe and HIDAKUMA will create in the future.
And, we look forward to seeing you at the revamped FabCafe in the future!

Planning: Yusuke Oono / DOMINO ARCHITECTS
Construction: Hida Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Construction collaboration: HIDAKUMA (Hida no Mori de Kuma wa Odoru Co., Ltd.)
Contractor: EC.kits Co., Ltd.
Structure: Tetsuya Emura
Lighting: Daisuke Yano / Tokyo Lighting Design LLC.

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