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FabCafe Singapore Open!

  • 07.10.2016

FabCafe Singapore Open!

The 7th FabCafe in the world appears in front of Marina Bay Sands

In October, 2016, FabCafe opened in Singapore.

It is the 7th FabCafe in the world after, Shibuya (Japan), Taipei (Taiwan/2013), Barcelona (Spain/2014), Bangkok (Thailand/2015), Toulouse (France/2015), and Hida (Japa/2016).

It is in the 1st floor lobby area of the ArtScience Museum, located on the Marina Bay Waterfront in the central part of Singapore city. It is merely 20 minutes from the Singapore Changi Airport.

FabCafe Singapore Outline

Address : ArtScience Museum, 6 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018974
Business hours : 10:00 - 19:00(business hours are scheduled to be expanded in the future)
Cafe menu : various coffees (From 4SGD), various teas(From 5SGD), desserts(From 7.5SGD)
Fab services : Laser cutter(15SGD/15 minutes), 3-D printer (1minute/0/3SGD)
*Periodically, workshop and events are held.

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Website :
Marina Bay Sands Website :

FabCafe Singapore Members
Brandon Berry Edwards,Wouter van Hest,Adeline Setiawan,Chris Drury

FabCafe Singapore Open!

The word "Fab" contains 2 meanings: "FABrication" without limited by mass production or market logic, and "FABulous." FabCafe is a place intended to deliciously, funnily, and easily convey and spread this spirit of "Fab."
FabCafe is a creative manufacturing cafe, equipped with digital machine tools. The first FabCafe, which opened in March, 20012 in Shibuya, Japan, was produced by Loftwork Inc. and the creative director, Toshinari Fukuda. It attracts attention around the world as a creative community where the creators and fans gather to enjoy both specialty coffees and digital machining.
It became the 7th FabCafe in the world after, Shibuya (Japan), Taipei (Taiwan/2013), Barcelona (Spain/2014), Bangkok (Thailand/2015), Toulouse (France/2015), and Hida (Japa/2016).
FabCafe's in cities around the world are not franchise stores of Loftwork Inc. Any individual or community can open and independently operate FabCafe, as long as they share FabCafe's concept and meet several conditions.
We believe that creative collaborations arising from FabCafe will change the face of manufacturing in the following generations.

About Loftwork Inc.

Company Profile

  • Company Name:Loftwork Inc.
  • Location:Dogenzaka Pia 9F, 1-22-7 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0043
  • Establishment:February 17th, 2000
  • Capital:¥ 26,875,000
  • Representative:co-founder and CEO Mitsuhiro Suwa
  • Business Outline:Web site-building, Digital content development, Picture production
  • Contact:Phone:+81-3-5459-5123 FAX:+81-3-5489-6667

Contact Information

  • Loftwork Inc. Public Relations
  • Contact time 10:00~18:00  (except Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
  • Phone:+81-3-5459-5123