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Chiaki Hayashi Co-founder and Representative Director

Chiaki Hayashi co-founded Loftwork Inc. in 2000. Loftwork is a new–style creative agency that boasts a network of over 20,000 creators. Each year Loftwork rolls out over 400 projects including web, community and spacial design initiatives. Loftwork also offers an open learning program for creative professionals andtalent, OpenCU (Open Creative University), and operates the digital fabricationcafe, FabCafe.

Chiaki pioneered the adoption of Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) guidelines in the creative industries in Japan, and has penned the book Web Project Management Standards. She also serves as the Japan Liaison to the Director of MIT Media Lab (since2012), as a member of the Good Design Awards’ Screening Committee (since2013), and as a member of the Manufacturing Industry Subcommittee of METI's Industrial Structure Council Committee (since 2014).

Chiaki was born in 1971, and grew up in the United Arab Emirates. She graduated from the Faculty of Commerce at Waseda University and received a Masters in Journalism from Boston University. In 1994, she entered Kao Corporation. Belonging to the marketing department, she was in charge of cosmetic products. After leaving the company in 1997, she went to the US and studied at Boston University. After graduating from Boston University's Graduate School, she worked for Kyodo News in their New York branch, and as a business correspondent she built up a network in American IT companies and among entrepreneurs. After returning to Japan in 2000, she founded Loftwork Inc.