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Together with our customers, we will design new values based on creating customer experiences, by taking advantage of various networks and methods.

Web site

Innovation for a customer’s business, with the power of the Web.


Public offerings/contests

Via public offerings and contents, in collaboration with creators of various genres and types, we are able to meet customer’s needs in regard to “how do we make something like this?”, including new product design and development.


Product design and space design

We have with planning workplaces that encourage communication.

Digital content

Creating many categories of high quality design, with large outputs and small timeframes.


Creating printed matter

We provide a wide range of printed matter, from company information and booklets such as catalogs, to creation of special printed matter such as posters and suchlike large printed items, and stickers and calendars, as well as PR magazines and DM magazines.

Partnership with Loftwork

Loftwork is a comprehensive manufacturing agent. Loftwork’s mission is to “create” anything, while putting a creative community of 20,000 people to work. Loftwork also puts the highest priority on its partnerships with everyone. Loftwork is able to make alliances via various methods such as outsourced manufacturing partners, retail agent partners, revenue sharing, etc.